Celebri<span id="more-9181"></span>ties and Gambling Went Hand-In-Hand in 2015

Ben Affleck is one of the many stars grouped into the superstars and gambling category, however the Hollywood actor may have lost more than their chips in 2015.

Celebrities and gambling once again enjoyed a relationship that is lively 2015, countless stars from the wide world of entertainment walking the red carpeting into casino floors frequently.

From Hollywood to professional sports, numerous of this globe’s most recognizable personalities invested their leisure time enjoying the rush and excitement of what gambling has to offer.

Because of the festive season in full swing, let’s journey straight back over the final 12 months to revisit the most celebrity that is headline-worthy happenings in 2015.

Prevailing Poker

No game draws more A-listers than poker, the felt notorious for bringing the bad males and their deep pockets to the tables in Las Vegas.

Ben Affleck is unquestionably no stranger to your casino, but in June it was revealed poker might have been partially to be blamed for his split with Jennifer Garner.

The sometimes-reliable TMZ reported that Garner just had enough of Ben’s constant gaming and that she ‘couldn’t go anymore.’

Dan Bilzerian might argue Affleck should not have ever married within the first place. The ‘King of Instagram’ and former poker pro produced a great amount of headlines in 2015.

Bilzerian announced their candidacy for president of the united states of america, ended up being forced to release a PSA for tools safety in section of a plea deal to avoid felony charges for possessing homemade explosives, and even played poker with Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky).

Not totally all celebrity that is poker-related were scandalous in nature.

Different celebrities utilized the overall game for good by hosting charity tournaments including padraig harrington and even previous President Bill Clinton.

Daily Fantasy All-In

2015 was the season of daily fantasy sports (DFS), DraftKings and FanDuel spending millions of bucks to help keep its platforms sports that are reaching incessantly. The 2 leading daily fantasy operators also spent heavily on sponsorships.

Three-time Academy Award nominee Ed Norton had been contracted to voice over DraftKings commercials. And though the platforms might be under intense appropriate scrutiny, that didn’t stop famous athletes like New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski and even the leagues on their own from getting involved.

On HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight,’ John Oliver put his own twist on what he believes could be the absurdity regarding the ‘skill-based’ argument surrounding DFS. Getting his point across, he enticed Seth Rogen to participate in on exactly what became a viral video for the night TV host that is late.

Mayweather Money

The supposed ‘Fight of the Century’ between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in very early might generated over $400 million in revenue, but people wanted to give the bout the boot after a less than stellar matchup.

It was later revealed that Mayweather’s convincing win might have been at the hand of a Pacquiao rotator cuff that is undisclosed injury. A huge selection of thousands placed bets regarding the battle Mark that is including Wahlberg Diddy, and Justin Bieber, to name a few.

Following the battle, betters and watchers were outraged, with some even demanding their money back. Class-action lawsuits against Pacquiao and organizers are ongoing.

PokerStars Celeb Folds

PokerStars isn’t any stranger to celebrity, the world’s most online that is robust community long paying stars to hang in its Team PokerStars stable.

Soccer legend Neymar joined the roster in might along with Cristiano Ronaldo. Four months later, Neymar was hit with a lawsuit in his house country of Brazil on allegations that the 23-year-old phenom owes $15.7 million in back taxes.

In 2016, PokerStars will make its long ago to america by means of nj-new jersey.

The Garden State recently suggested enabling Internet operators to bankroll or sponsor a-listers, meaning the kind of Daniel Negreanu, Chris Moneymaker, and maybe even Neymar or Ronaldo could be coming to an online table near you soon.

Poker Dealer Illegally Pockets Chips Then Gets Fired

Casino protection personnel at the Cromwell Mint in London had the ability to identify a poker dealer chips that are stealing the tables he was administering. (Image: jupiter.com)

A poker dealer in South Kensington, West London, happens to be fired through the Cromwell Mint after casino security personnel discovered the croupier was secretly pocketing 1000s of dollars worth of chips during his shifts.

According to a report by the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, the alleged thief snatched chips from the felt and dropped them into a false pocket that ran from his pants down to his socks.

The dealer would then hand over the chips to an accomplice outside during routine tobacco cigarette breaks.

Throughout the authorities’s strip search for the suspect, one source said, ‘Chips literally fell out of him.’

Busted, Perhaps Not Charged

The dealer during the Cromwell Mint is not identified, nor is he charges that are facing.

Following his termination and suspected scheme that pocketed him thousands of pounds after another co-conspirator posed as a gamer and cashed in the potato chips, the Malaysian-based Cromwell owners, the Genting Group, are apparently pleased in just chalking up the tale as a marginal loss.

Reports claim the dealer had £12,000 ($17,600) in cash when his apartment was searched. That’s roughly 40 % regarding the employee’s annual base salary of $44,000.

The same source added that the employee was ‘extremely lucky to escape without being charged.’

Dirty Deals

Controlling thousands of poker potato chips is much too tempting for numerous dealers through the years, a significant payday within hands reach seducing many, but few actually get away with the criminal activity.

Gamblers might think that video surveillance is honed in on their actions, but in reality in the same way much, if not more, scrutiny is placed in the casino’s workers.

In addition to closed-circuit monitors, floor managers oversee each employee’s performance and are been trained in detecting fraudulence not just among gamblers but additionally the dealers.

The Maryland Live! Casino in Hanover, Maryland, has more than 1,200 cameras monitoring 4,000 slot machines and over 125 card tables. The venue’s president and manager that is general the casino spends ‘in the millions, and growing,’ on protection.

Las Vegas boasts more cameras per square base than any airport or sports stadium in the usa, yet dealers along with gamblers carry on to try their luck with even worse odds than what exactly is to be had on the felt.

Other Notable Scandals

2014: A Hollywood Casino dealer in Pennsylvania is busted for stealing $2,000 in gaming chips july.

September 2015: Two dealers in Singapore strike a deal with a gambler to receive 20 percent of this 65-year-old man’s winnings. The conspiracy took destination at another Genting-owner home, but the two dealers were sentenced and caught to four months in prison.

2015: The Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland accuses its own for hiding a card from the deck november casino-online-australia.net. All allegations were denied by the dealer and stated it absolutely was a ‘fluke.’

Cheating and fraud has long plagued gambling and been used as fodder by critics of the casino industry for reasoning against any market expansion.

Ny AG Eric Schneiderman Threatens DFS business with $3 Billion in Fines

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman puts the screws in the ‘persistently fraudulent’ DFS industry in the Empire State. (Image: politico.com)

Ny Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has the DFS industry in their crosshairs and it is itching to pull the trigger.

Schneiderman’s pre-Christmas injunction to bar DraftKings and FanDuel from running in New York State had been lifted by the appeals court judge just hours after it turned out granted, and so the frustrated AG resolved to ramp the pressure up in the sites.

Late final week, he amended his lawsuit against DraftKings and FanDuel to seek the return of all of the buy-ins paid by customers who played in New York throughout 2015, along with a $5,000 fine per head.

In short, with 600,000 DFS customers in the state, the AG’s office is looking for a amount that would come across a huge selection of huge amount of money in buy-ins, plus around $3 billion in fines.

So much for the summer season of goodwill.

In the amendment, the lawyer general accused the web sites of committing ‘repeated and persistent fraudulent acts,’ singling out first deposit bonuses (variations of that are commonly used through the on the web gambling industry) as evidence of expected malpractice.

He also claims that the sites constantly misrepresent the chances and levels that are skill to win ‘life-changing’ levels of money in their advertising and marketing.

‘Fundamental Misunderstanding’

‘The attorney general’s revised grievance reveals that the attorney general’s office still doesn’t realize fantasy sports,’ complained David Boies, an attorney representing DraftKings, in an statement that is official. ‘It is dependant on the misunderstanding that is fundamental of sports tournaments.’

Schneiderman plainly seems he understands the DFS industry just fine, thank you.

As part of an investigation launched by the attorney general’s office in October, he demanded complete transparency into the business models of both FanDuel and DraftKings, which, as leaders of a self-regulated industry, remain opaque.

His assertion that the sites’ operations are ‘fraudulent’ suggests he wants to shut them down, but the threat of a dollar that is multi-billion could be designed to force them into some kind of settlement negotiation should New York prefer to regulate and license DFS through its legislature.

New York State represents the biggest DFS market in America, and thus has huge bargaining power in the occasion of future regulation.

Meanwhile, In Kentucky…

Ny is maybe not the only state currently looking to claw back player funds from online gambling.

Just before the holiday season, Kentucky tripled its claim against Amaya Inc. to $870 million.

Their state is wanting to draw out through the poker parent on the amount deposited, gambled, and lost by state residents on PokerStars between 2006 and 2011, during which period online gambling transactions involving US citizens were prohibited.

The state thinks its claim is supported by a two-centuries-old state law made to protect the families of impoverished gamblers, allowing them to recover all losings incurred by their reprobate kin.

Amaya has said that PokerStars raked in only $18 million from Kentucky residents through the period in question and is expected to charm up against the lawsuit, which this has dismissed as ‘frivolous.’

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