Moms are busy people – they have to run after the kids, look after the house, pick up the groceries, go to work and do so many other things – all this in 24 hours. The common belief that moms don’t have time for and therefore are not as active on social media – specifically Facebook.


We thought we would put this belief to the test and decided to find out for ourselves once and for all. We took a deep dive into the Facebook Audience Insights Tool and what we found left us reeling!

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1. India average of monthly active women users is 100-150 million, major traffic coming from Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & West Bengal.

2. Maximum of Indian women on Facebook are aged between 25 and 40 years. Interestingly, most of these women have had a college education.

3. 28% of women on Facebook are married and most of them hail from the states of Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

4. On an average, Indian Moms like 5x more posts, click on 8x more ads and comment on 4x more posts.

5. Interests of women on the social media platform have been food, nutrition, cooking, motherhood and parenting. Hence, you may find a lot of them participating in conversations on similar groups on Facebook.

6. Mobile has been the major mode of accessing Facebook for 70% of India women, while 23% of them use a combination of mobile and desktop both.

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